Shadow F3J

Shadow F3J
Wingspan 143"
Wing Area 1135.4 in2
Wing loading 8.62 oz/ft2
Airfoil HN507M1
Length 62"
Weight 68oz
Our price: $1199.00
Spec Sheet

The new Shadow has been called invincible for F3J competition.... And with a lineup of major contest wins, it may be true! Shadow combines the newest aerodynamic knowledge and 16 years experience molding successful F3J models to a new concept. The main goal of the Shadow was to create a competitive model suited for all weather conditions.

The breakthrough in this design is the use of the new HN507M1 airfoil by Norbert Habe. The new HN airfoil is designed to allow camber changes with minimal changes in pitch. The airfoil has a very wide speed range. Its full potential is obtained when using full flap control over different flight configurations: a couple of degrees down in thermal turns, a degree of reflex in transition. Small changes in camber result in substantial changes in behavior!
The nearly elliptical wing shape and high aspect ratio combined with exceptionally light wing loading, very high strength and unusually sensitive handling characteristics, make the Shadow a formidable F3J competition ship. The wings feature a hollow carbon spar (very stiff yet very light) and a light wing skin of glass/Herex. An additional carbon lay-up between the leading edge and the spar (D-Box) give the wing additional torsion stiffness.

The fuselage is a special Kevlar/carbon lay-up for maximum weight savings. The ballast tube and tail pushrods are installed. The fuselage also has a ballast tube on the side of the fuse, below the wings, which can accept an additional 600 g of ballast. The Shadow has an adjustable tow hook to optimize hand tows. Hollow core molded wings are 3-piece design with the center panel bolted down to the fuse. The tips are connected to the center panel by means of rectangular carbon wing joiner and two locating pins. All moving parts are gapless hinged. Special bottom hinged flaps (for full 90 deg. down flaps) lead to a stable approach and accurate landings.

The test models have a ready to fly weight of around 1890 ~ 1920 g. We have these models to be sturdy, yet they are light enough for competitions. Production models have a ready to fly weight around 2000 g which is still very acceptable weight for competition but at the same time definitely convenient for all round use.

Airframe Features:

  • High Gloss Painted Fiberglass/Carbon/Kevlar fuselage
  • Carbon D-Box wing
  • Full hardware set
  • Wing joiner located in the middle of fiberglass spar
  • Ballast system
  • Full 90 Flaps
  • Gapless hinged surfaces
  • Painted in mold

Radio requirements:

  • We recommend at least a 1500 Mah 4 cell pack for all the servos.
  • 4 x HS-5125MG (or similar torque servo) (Thin wing servos a must)
  • 2 x Polo 4 Digis (or similar torque servo)

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