1.5 Meter

SoaringUSA  offers a wide range of 1.5 meter gliders (about 60 inches) for many forms of glider flying, including handlaunch, Thermal, Slope, and Dynamic Soaring. In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

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  • Based on modified Synergy 2 high performance airfoils, the Vortex 4 has been optimized for high launching and easy handling, having an incredibly flat glide and low sink rate. 

    • $979.95
  • The Vice is designed specifically for FAI F3K and other hand launch glider competitions. It has the ability to travel large areas of the sky in a short time while not sacrificing low speed flight and thermaling ability, and its easy to launch high!

    • $899.95
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  • The Pushy Cat is a 39" High Speed Electric Pusher.

    • $369.95
  • The Progress DLG is a highly successful, high performance competition discus launched sailplane that SoaringUSA is importing from Europe. 


    • $729.95
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  • The NRJ is a new DLG F3K competition model built by OA Composites (Anton Ovcharenko and his team) from Ukraine. Designed by Christophe Bourdon of France. 

    • $747.95
  • The Mini Destiny is the 45-inch wingspan little brother of the proven Destiny sloper. This little plane uses the same fuse, and tail, but a shorter 45-inch wing. 

    • $220.00
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  • The 60" Mini Blade is an outstanding all around plane featuring a 2 piece wing and 2 piece removable v-tail This little screamer travels great and tears up the slope!

    • $329.95
  • The Mini Blade is an outstanding all purpose glider. Featuring a one piece wing with flaps, this plane has great potential as a DSer, Man on Man racer, and sport flyer.

    • $364.95
  • A stout and heavy carbon DS version of the popular 60-inch Mini Blade. Flaps have been added for slower landings in small areas.

    • $449.00
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  • A very clean and fast 1.5-meter electric that's highly prefabricated. Features a 2-piece wing that comes with either a 2 servo or 4 servo options, ailerons or ailerons and flaps.

    • $729.95
  • The Kestrel is a new F5K competition and sport model built by OA Composites (Anton Ovcharenko and his team) from Ukraine and designed by Christophe Bourdon of France. 

    • $799.00
  • The Fredy offers great performance and clean, aggressive looks. This sloper features flaps for easy landings in those tight LZ's common on the west coast.

    • $360.00
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  • The latest updated version in the Fireworks series, the Fireworks IV, the ultimate in DLG and F3K performance.

    • $625.00
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  • This 1.4 meter bird is a fun little sloper and all-arounder. Strong, but light, with a 1-pc wing, you can bring it with you on road trips easily.

    • $289.00
  • Excels on the slope in all conditions from light air to "rip it up" strong winds. Layup has lots of carbon and a strong one piece wing.

    • $389.00
  • The latest CX F3K DLG on the market, the CX5 Pro is a complete redesign over the CX4 with a slimmer fuse and cored advanced airfoil wing for outstanding all around performance.

    • $999.95
  • A super lightweight D-box wing structure keeps strength up and total weight down. For sport or competition flying including F3K.

    • $599.95
  •  Brko's design will take you to a new level of performance in F3K competition.

    • $639.95
  • We offer the Boom DLG now in a F5K Electric version with a foam Rohacell RHC core.

    • $699.95
  • We offer the Boom DLG with a Rohacell foam core wing.

    • $769.95
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  • The Bird Carbon 60" Sailplane is a high quality model using carbon fiber in the wings and kevlar and carbon in the fuse. All control surfaces have wipers. This is a very fast sport and DS glider.

    • $485.00
  • The Bird is made from CNC molds using fiberglass with carbon reinforcement in all the right spots. All control surfaces have wipers and the airfoils are the very slippery HN 354 series.

    • $400.00
  • Designed by Christophe Bourdon and manufactured by OA composites. The Alien is a flying wing slope soaring model that can also be used as a DLG glider. Get the standard version if you are leaning towards slope soaring in moderate conditions and DLG flying. The strong version is recommended if you will be flying primary slope and even moderate DS soaring.

    • $699.95
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  • Designed by Christophe Bourdon and manufactured by OA composites, the Alien is a flying wing slope soaring model that can also be used as a DLG glider.

    • $428.95