Bird Double Carbon 60" Sailplane

This high quality model uses a double carbon fiber layup in the wings and kevlar in carbon fuse. All control surfaces have wipers and slippery HN 354 airfoils.

  • Wingspan
    58 in. (1.47m)
  • Wing Area
    356 (22.96dm2)
  • Airfoil
    HN 354
  • Length
    36 in. (0.914m)
  • Weight
  • Controls
    Ail, Elev & Rudder (opt)
  • Features
    All carbon 1 piece wing, 1 piece tail, generous nose with canopy, preinstalled ballast tube, wipers on all control surfaces
  • Battery config
    1500 NiHM 4 cell Flat
  • $550.00

Bird Double Carbon 60-Inch Sailplane

The 2X Carbon Bird 60" sailplane is an even stronger version of our popular Carbon Bird. This model is of exceptional quality, and compares with ANY of the class -A- models in the business. The model is from CNC molds, with incredibly strong double layer carbon fiber wing skins. The ailerons are top hinged with wipers. The airfoils are the very slippery HN 354 series.

The fuse is a very strong carbon/Kevlar layup with a 14oz ballast tube pre-installed under the wing. The canopy is natural carbon fiber, and has the latch pre-installed. Unlike many 60" gliders, this fuse has ample room for two HS-85 sized servos, 8 channel receiver, and healthy sized 1650mah NiHM battery. The pushrods and v-tail horns are preinstalled.

As you would expect of a model of this quality and completeness, the included hardware kit comes complete with wing bolts, custom servo covers, brass control horns for the wing, and even a hex key for the wing bolts.

The 2X Carbon Bird takes the 60" class to a new level, until now only seen in the larger models. Do not wait to get you hands on one of these beauties. Experience has shown that these models sell out very quickly after each shipment. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

06.25.05 - Carbon Bird Goes 192 MPH in DS'ing!
Ben Kim (known as "theTick" on raised the bar in 60" DS'ing speeds at Vincent, CA yesterday. Flying an amazing 192mph, and possibly even faster, he has now tied the record for 60" gliders, shared only with Joe Zepeda and the Destiny Carbon. Ben used a Carbon Bird, without flaps. The wind speed was approximately 35 mph. Way to Go Ben!

Note: The photos below are from a glass version of the Bird and do NOT show the carbon/Kevlar fuse layup found on the 2X Carbon Bird.

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Bird Double Carbon 60" Sailplane
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