Fireworks IV Carbon Version

Updated version in the Fireworks series, the ultimate in DLG performance

  • Wingspan
    59.0 in.
  • Wing Area
    334 sq in
  • Wing loading
    4.79 oz/sq ft
  • Airfoil
    AG455ct & AG47ct
  • Weight
    11.1 oz
  • Controls
  • $625.00
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Call for availability

Fireworks IV Carbon Version

Building on the success of the  Fireworks III, PCM is now offering the Fireworks IV series of DLG . Coming from the same folks that also brought us the 2M  Erwin, you know the quality is second to none!

The Fireworks IV improves on the FW-III design in many ways:

  • Larger diameter fuselage, ensuring more than enough room for your servos and battery. You can even fit a variety of data loggers in there to help hone your skills.
  • Unique Canopy design allows for better access, but retains structural integrity vs. original design.
  • Tail surfaces have been milled to be lighter (horiz stab is still removable!)
  • Extended nose to offset lightened tail (no need for nose weight)
  • Pre-Drilled wing mounting holes (wing and fuse sides)
  • Extended Aileron control horns
  • Ailerons are reinforced with CF tube, and the aileron control hornswere extended to prevent flutter.
  • Unique "fence" at the root of the ailerons to prevent redirection of the airflow (more effective control at lower throws)
  • And probably a whole bunch that I am forgetting to mention :-)

 The FW IV is available with 3 different wings, the  Light Version, Carbon Version, and  Disser Version. 
Note: The pictures show the Light Version in the stock photos, but each model page also has a picture of the specific wing model.

When you are ready for a high performance DLG, look no further. SUSA has you covered, and for DLG, it just doesn't get any better than this!

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Fireworks IV Carbon Version
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