Fredy 1.5M Sailplane with Flaps

The Fredy offers great performance and clean, aggressive looks. This sloper features flaps for easy landings in those tight LZ's common on the west coast.

  • Wingspan
    60" (1.5m)
  • Wing Area
    20.68 dm2
  • Wing loading
    13.5 oz ft2 (+/-)
  • Airfoil
    Tail: 7 % sym
  • Length
    37 inches (935 mm)
  • Weight
    34 ounces (+/-)
  • Controls
    Ail/Flap/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
  • Features
    All hollow molded with an extremely strong 1 piece carbon reinforced wing, with Flaps!
  • Battery config
    1000 NiHM "AA" 4 cell
  • $360.00
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Fredy 1.5-Meter Sailplane with Flaps

The 1.5M Fredy is an all hollow molded fiberglass glider of exceptional value. Also known as the "MiniDragon" in Europe, the Fredy has a proven legacy on slopes all over the world. This version comes with a one piece wing and Flaps and Ailerons, and a one piece bolt-on V-tail. All control surfaces come with wipers installed.

The construction quality is very good and has been refined over the years to near perfection. The Fredy is an agile, versatile, aerobatic glider that loves front side high speed runs, and makes that pleasing "hollow molded" howling sound as it screams by.

We recommend using a 4 cell 1000mah NiHM pack for super long duration times. A single micro servo for the tail group (elevator only), or two HS-56HD for elev/rudder functions. HS-125 flat wing servos are perfect for the ailerons and flaps, because the RG14 section is fairly thin.

Veteran pilot and die-hard Man-on-Man slope racer Bill DelHagen has fitted his Fredy with an 18 ounce 12 inch long 1/2" dia. ballast tube, loaded from the nose keel for a max wing loading of 21 oz/ft. He also recommends a CG of 70-73mm, which is a bit aft of the mfr's suggestion. Your results may vary. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Update! Fredy goes 167 mph in Dynamic Soaring!
On Sept 9, 2004 - Pilot Joe Manor reached 167 mph with his Fredy at Vincent, CA.

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Fredy 1.5M Sailplane with Flaps
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