Mini Blade 1.5M Sailplane

The 60" Mini Blade is an outstanding all around plane featuring a 2 piece wing and 2 piece removable v-tail This little screamer travels great and tears up the slope!

  • Wingspan
    60" (1.53 meter)
  • Wing Area
  • Wing loading
    34 g/dm2 (+/-)
  • Airfoil
    RG15 Mod (7%)
  • Length
    35 inches (.90 m)
  • Weight
    + 12 oz ballast
  • Controls
    2 Ail + Elev & Rudder (opt)
  • Features
    2 pc Wing, 2 pc Tail, nose cone!
  • Battery config
    720 NiHM "AAA" 5 cell
  • $329.95

Mini Blade 1.5-Meter Sailplane

The Mini Blade is an outstanding all purpose glider featuring a 2 piece wing and 2 piece removable v-tail. This compact screamer travels in a 36" size case. (like a music case)

We use our Blades for fun flying and 60" Man on Man slope racing, where the Mini Blades are doing very well in the SCSR League events. We also use our Mini Blades for Dynamic Soaring on the small slope near our shop. Limited by a tree and mild lift conditions, we don't have a lot of room for the bigger Blade models, so the Mini Blade is the perfect companion to take to take to the "dark side". We readily achieve speeds in excess of 130 mph on our little slope, but have gone over 150 mph at premier slopes like Parker Mtn. and Vincent. 

The two piece wing is your typical glass, balsa, carbon spar'd construction, with full span carbon main and trailing edge spars, with a glossy exterior finish painted in the molds in a variety of schemes. We never know what we are going to get, so ask before you order if you are particular.

We recommend using our custom made 800mah Eneloop battery pack MKS 6110 wing servos for the ailerons. Many builders opt for one single elevator servo such as an MKS 6100 if you want a full functioning rudder, use MKS 6100 servos also for the tail group. The ballast tube fits 9/16" dia. ballast slugs, and you can fit between 12 - 14 oz of ballast in the tube that's accessible under from the nose. Pre-cut Ballast kits are available as an option. Contact us for ballast kit details and availability and give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Now Available: Extra Beefy Carbon Version! For hard core slopers only! The Carbon MB is an incredibly stiff and durable version of the popular Mini Blade.

Download Videos of the Mini Blade screaming the backside

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Mini Blade 1.5M Sailplane
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