Vice DLG F3K

The Vice is designed specifically for FAI F3K and other hand launch glider competitions. It has the ability to travel large areas of the sky in a short time while not sacrificing low speed flight and thermaling ability, and its easy to launch high!

  • Wingspan
    59 in. (1.495m)
  • Wing Area
    310 (20 dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Synergy 2
  • Length
    41.85 in (1.063 m)
  • Weight
    7.054-8.82 oz (200-250 g)
  • Controls
  • Hor. Stab Area
    32.55 (2.1 dm2)
  • $899.95
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Vice DLG

The Vice is designed specifically for FAI F3K and other hand launch glider competitions. Its heritage owes much to studies of the Synergy 2 wing from aerodynamicist Gerald Taylor. This is a model with great potential! It has the ability to travel large areas of the sky in a short time while not sacrificing low speed flight and thermalling ability. It is easy to throw high, has a very low rate of descent, and very good penetration to windward.

Wing: What is novel with the Vice is that the wing is joined at the bottom of the fuselage, not the top. This new arrangement of the wing allows higher discus-style launches. How is this possible? Simple ... with this arrangement, the centers of mass of the wings, fuselage and tail are closer together than in a plane of conventional design. Thus, during the launch, the Vice comes out more straight, avoiding the losses generated by the slip due to the imbalance of the masses of conventional designs. It also looks great!

The Vice’s flight surfaces are Rohacell core, conformed with Carboline or textreme (according to versions) in aluminum molds and cured in an oven at high temperatures. This technique gives it great rigidity and low weight and an impressively smooth surface finish. Also included as standard on all versions is a main wing spar with a carbon fiber vertical web. This improves wing stiffness and durability.  The pre-configured servo pockets and pushrod channels are a nice touch! Machined horns just drop into the pre-machined slots.

Anatomical peg: the peg is designed so that it does not damage your fingers when throwing it energetically and resist the forces of the launch with the minimum weight.

Fuselage: The fuselage on the other hand, is made of HM carbon laminated on a mold and internal pressure of up to 4.5bar of pressure, which gives it extreme rigidity and low weight. The front part of the fuselage is made of fiberglass making it 2.4 friendly. The removable cone will not impede the eception of your receiver either, as it is Kevlar and fiberglass.

Compact but user-friendly fuselage design: within the Vice you have enough space to be able to assemble it comfortably, installing everything. Besides, thanks to the cone, you can extend the access to the area of the RC components until you can work unimpeded!

Pull Pull tail: both tail surfaces are driven with Kevlar wires in pull-pull configuration, thus, two wires drive each surface improving control and reducing friction with respect to the traditional system of cable and torsion bar. A small pulley on a carbon axle is inset into the fin for the elevator pull-pull cable. The elevator pulley is glued in with some epoxy and cotton flock. The aluminium actuator (horn) slips on/off to allow removal of the elevator.

Hardware included: everything you need to assemble your Vice is included, servo tray, aileron servo arms, control rods, horns, links, Kevlar thread for tail surfaces.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

About the manufacturer: Technoepoxy is a company dedicated to the manufacture of composite materials, designs of high performance RC models and UAVs of various types and sizes. Over 30 years experience guarantees our work with models such as Llanero, Dardo, Vario, Acro, Mosquito, Prisma I, Prisma II, Victor and Vector. They specialize in high tech composites including vacuum and pressure layups. They master the latest techniques in 3D modeling and make high performance models with the best fit and finish.

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