Vortex 4

The Vortex 4 now has flaps.2 flaps and 2 ailerons making it a 4 servo wing system. Aileron servos in the wing and flap servos in the fuse.

Based on modified Synergy 2 high performance airfoils, the Vortex 4 has been optimized for high launching and easy handling, having an incredibly flat glide and low sink rate. Reacts very well to both camber and ballast.

  • Battery config
    1-Cell, 1000mAh
  • Channels
  • $979.95

Vortex 4 F3K DLG

Competition Ready!

The Vortex 4 is a high end DLG, based on modified Synergy 2 high performance airfoils and a wing area of just 20 dm. The Vortex 4 has been optimized for high launch and easy handling to allow the pilot to use the softest lift with maximal efficiency and the greatest of ease. The Vortex 4 has incredibly flat glide and low sink rate and reacts very well to both camber and ballast.

Easy field assembly with the fork style arms for the flaps and a plug and play system for the ailerons in a 2pc wing.

The Vortex 4 is one of the easiest models to build with a 4 in a pod design which allows easy assembly and disassembly of servos in case of maintenance requirements. The Vortex 4 comes with a high level of pre-fabrication to reduce the build time to just a short few hours. Aileron wiring is already installed. The nose of the vortex is designed to take a wide variety of servos, batteries and receivers in a “side by side” configuration for the receiver and battery and a 2×2 configuration for the servos. The Vortex 4 supports many servo types such as MKS 75 and 65 and more.

The Vortex 4 is super easy to assemble at the field with its auto-mating flap linkage system, just mount the wing on the fuselage, plug the aileron plug and fly, no hassle with linking the push rods or connectors.

The Vortex 4 is available in a one or two-piece wing configurations. The two-piece wings requires NO TAPE for assembly at the field and fits right and left hand throwers alike.

Click, mount, and fly your Vortex 4 in just a couple of minutes!

  • Easy, quick build
  • High launches
  • Easy handling with great L/D performance

Recommended battery: 1-cell 1000mAh LiPo

Recommended servos (4): MKS DS75K Tail and Flaps, (2) MKS DS65K for the Ailerons

We also have bags for an additional charge.

Video by Roy Dor  -- Short morning practice, low level thermal flying and some turnarounds with the Vortex 3 prototype, "STRONG" version. Also a demo of assembly and disassembly of the wing with the new automating aileron system 

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