2 Meter

SoaringUSA offers a wide range of 2 meter gliders (about 80 inches), for many forms of glider flying, including thermal, slope, and Dynamic Soaring! 

In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!

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  • This is a well-made 2-meter T-tail sloper, or E-power model, at a great price!

    • $599.00
  • This one piece, 75-inch sloper thrives on Dynamic Soaring and ballistic winds. Rigid and durable! Can hit speeds in excess of 200mph!

    • $689.95
  • One of our hottest selling models, it's fast enough for F3F slope racing, light enough for inland slopes, and strong enough for dynamic soaring!

    • $495.00
  • Hot 2-Meter speedster with great all-around performance! Stable and easy to fly!

    • $675.00
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    Likes to fly fast, but drooping the trailing edge slows her down to work thermals! Has "big plane" handling.

    • $899.95
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  • Espresso 2M is full of carbon, very stiff, and is very fast with the HD 45 airfoil. 

    • $530.00
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    With its two-piece wing and removable two-piece X-tail it is the perfect compact go-anywhere model.

    • $499.95
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    Refinements make this Pro version one of the highest quality, best flying 2M class competition models we offer.

    • $469.95
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  • Features spread tow carbon construction: light, stiff, highly prefabricated. Can be winch towed for thermal flights.

    • $749.95
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    Full carbon 2-pc wing with mounting bolts installed and aligned. Full carbon fuselage and  V-tail -- classic PCM quality!

    • $729.95
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  • Excellent sport flyer and DS model! featuring all hollow molded, carbon fiber wing skins and carbon/Kevlar fuselage.

    • $580.00
  • A super efficient 2-meter speedster with 3-meter F3F qualities giving you best "bang for your buck"!

    • $499.95
  • Whisper 2M Sailplane- A beautiful sailplane, easy to fly, and build.

    • $429.95