Blade 2M Sailplane

One of our hottest selling models, the Blade 2M is fast enough for F3F slope racing, light enough for inland slopes, and strong enough for dynamic soaring.

  • Wingspan
    75 in. (2m)
  • Airfoil
    RG15 mod (7% thinned)
  • Length
    42 in. (1.073m)
  • Weight
    46 oz + 12 oz ballast (1.304kg + 340g)
  • Controls
    Ail/Flap/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
  • Features
    Extremely strong one piece carbon reinforced all fiberglass wing with Carbon fuselage with slip-on carbon nosecone.
  • Battery config
    720 NiHM "AAA" 5 cell
  • $495.00

Blade 2M

The Blade 2M is an outstanding glider! We love this glider so much, we started SoaringUSA to import it! Literally, this is the glider that launched this company, that's how much we like it.

Light enough to fly inland slopes, fast enough to be flown in F3F slope racing, and strong enough to thrive on dynamic soaring, it's no surprise that the Blade 2M is one of our hottest selling models.

We DS ours nearly every day on our local slopes. Significantly faster than the 60" Mini Blade, the Blade 2M will satisfy the cravings of the performance enthusiast. Check out your speed with the high performance ProSpeed Radar gun, now offered here at

The kit comes with carbon fiber pushrods that use threaded rod ends (which are included). The hardware bag contains aileron horns and V-tail ball links, plus the required steel metric screws for wing and tail mounting. We recommend using our custom 5 cell 720 mah NiHM battery pack, HS-81MG servos for the tail group (or similar), HS-125 flat wing servos for the ailerons, and servos no larger than HS-85MG's for the flaps.

Now Available: Extra Beefy DS Version! For the most hard core DS'er, like Gary Legerton. The Carbon 2M is our stiffest model in our entire lineup of planes. We've recorded speeds up to 210mph thus far, with no flexing, flutter, or any other telltale signs that the limit is even close to being reached. How fast will it really go? Time will tell... Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

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Blade 2M Sailplane
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