Pulsar PRO 2M

New refinements make this Pro version one of the highest quality, best flying 2M class competition models we offer.

  • Wingspan
    78.75" (2 Meters)
  • Wing Area
    496 sq. in. (32 sq.dm)
  • Airfoil
    AG52 Refined
  • Length
    43 inches
  • Weight
    From 22 oz! RTF
  • Controls
  • $469.95
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Call for availability

Pulsar Pro 2M

The Pulsar Pro 2M has gone through some refinements, and is still one of the highest quality best flying 2m class competition models we offer. This super light weight carbon-kevlar  reinforced structure is still as strong as ever and can take the most stressful of winch launches. The new airfoil is even more sensitive to thermal activity and has better legs for those long distant runs. The fuse now has canopy access for ease of use. 

The wing utilizes a two piece flap with 1 control. Exceptionally light wing loading, very high strength and unusually nimble handling characteristics combine to make the New Pulsar G2 2m another winner. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

We also carry the Pulsar Pro 2M E. Click to view.

Video of electrified Pulsar Pro 2M by F1976Y

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Pulsar PRO 2M
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