2.4 Ghz Systems

Our hobby is being revolutionized by a new control system, providing faster response, higher resolution, and eliminating many of the problems that have long plagued our flying fields. We are proud to present to you these products from Spektrum and JR, two premier manufacturers of the new 2.4Ghz systems.

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  • Antenna 2.4 Wrapper

    • $9.99
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  • MZ-16 16 Channel 2.4GHZ HoTT Color TFT Radio System including: MZ-16 transmitter.

    • $749.95
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  • MZ-32 PRO 32 Channel 2.4G.HZ HoTT Color TFT Radio System Mode 1/2 (Red) 

    • MZ-32 transmitter
    • Accessories
    • $1099.95
  • Antenna 2.4 Mini Exit. Come in a set of 2 exits for a 2.4 receiver.

    Available in Clear or Black

    • $6.99
  • PowerBox CORE - the new generation of pro-class radios. 

    PowerBox-Systems manufactures high-quality power supply equipment, and has now been working for more than a year on its own independent radio control system. On the face of it we may seem a little tardy in introducing a new 2.4 GHz RC system, but upon closer inspection it is precisely this belated entry which gives us one unique advantage.

    • $2710.95