2.4 Ghz Systems

Our hobby is being revolutionized by a new control system, providing faster response, higher resolution, and eliminating many of the problems that have long plagued our flying fields. We are proud to present to you these products from Spektrum and JR, two premier manufacturers of the new 2.4Ghz systems.

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RC-SF-Antenna-2.4 Antenna Exit Wrapper
  • $9.99
RC-GR-18-VARIO-9ch Graupner GR-18 9ch w/vario
  • $149.90
RC-GR-RX24L-Receiver Graupner GR-24L 12ch Receiver
  • $79.90
RC-GR-RX12-Gyro-Vario-6ch Graupner GR12+3+Gyro+Vario 2.4 6ch Telemetry Receiver
  • $99.95
RC-GR-RX12L-6ch Graupner GR12L 2.4 6ch Telemetry Receiver
  • $33.95
RC-GR-RX16L-8ch Graupner GR16L 2.4 8ch Telemetry Receiver
  • $64.90
RC-GR-TXMZ16-16ch Graupner MZ-16 16ch RC System
  • $749.95
RC-GR-TXMZ24-12ch Graupner MZ-24 12ch RC System
  • $444.00
RC-GR-TXMZ24PRO-12ch Graupner MZ-24 Pro 12ch RC System
  • $469.95
RC-GR-TXMZ32PRO-32ch Graupner MZ-32 Pro 32ch RC System
  • $1099.95
RC-SPK-RX-RMTRX Spektrum 2.4Ghz Remote Receiver
  • $34.99
RC-HH-SPKRX-AR6260 Spektrum AR6260 6ch Carbon Receiver
  • $79.99
RC-HH-SPKRX-AR6270T Spektrum AR6270T DSMX 6ch Carbon Fuselage Telemetry RX
  • $69.99
RC-HH-SPKRX-AR9310 Spektrum AR9310 9ch Receiver Carbon Version
  • $159.99
RC-HH-SPK-RX-AR9320T Spektrum AR9320T DSMX 9ch Carbon Fuselage Telemetry RX
  • $149.99
RC-HH-SPKTX-iX12 Spektrum iX12 12-Ch DSMX Transmitter Only
  • $599.99