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  • With flawless construction, innovative details, STRONG carbon skins and heavily reinforced fuse all add up to a very high performance slope racer or for multi-task F3B.

    • $1050.00
  • An F3B Eurotour winner and the engineering and mold work are second to none. It is fast and turns hard. Capable of flying in very light air, yet very fast!

    • $1795.00
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  • A competition class F3B ship featuring ultra slim fuselage, proven RG15 airfoils (thinned), and swept wingtips. 

    • $1299.95
  • Designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines the Vampire comes fully pre-wired.

    • $2099.95
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  • The successor to the Ceres and Ceres Lift. New Dirk Pflug airfoil obtains the best launch possible yet still retains the slippery characteristics needed for speed.

    • $2099.00
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  • F3 Skins F3B/F

    • $79.95
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  • World records are earned by pilots AND incredibly good performing models. The Pitbull F3F or F3B is one of those classic gliders that can do it all.

    • $1999.95
  • The Eldorado F3B/F3F utilizes an ingenious flap and aileron system moving the servos directly into the root of the wing for incredibly quick turns.  

    • $1799.95
  • Just now in stock, the Freestyler 6 is a versatile F3F or F3B competitor. It's a sailplane with fantastic straightaway speed and awesome "snap-flap" turning ability. Our FS-6s includes all the add ons: wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130.

    • $2499.95
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