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  • The Zoom is a beautifully built hotliner from the same mfr. as the acclaimed Trinity and Banana sailplanes. Featuring a thinned MG06 airfoil with a very strong one piece 1.8M wing with carbon spar. The Zoom certainly lives up to it's name!

    • $485.00
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  • Specifically designed for competition level F5B, the Weasel is a very fast, low drag, stiff and strong 2-meter model, with amazing handling. It accelerates well and turns great with hollow molded with carbon reinforced one piece wing and Kevlar reinforced fuse.

    • $425.00
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  • An outstanding all-purpose warmliner/hotliner. Building off the success of the glider versions of the blade, this new 60-inch E-Blade holds with tradition for blistering high speeds, precision control, great energy retention, and lots of fun!

    • $329.95
  • This hotliner is based on the original Ocelot with a few special tweaks for the E-version. With live hinges, control horns, "molded in" V-tail, and wipers all the way around, I don't know if you can get more bang for the buck than the Ocelot-E offers!

    • $399.00
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  • Designed for the F5B World Championships, now sporting a larger carbon wing and longer fuse, with servos factory installed in the wings.

    • $1599.95
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  • The Viper F5D is very fast, quiet, and tracks like mad. Are you ready for the next level in speed? 

    • $599.00
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  • Sleek looks and quality construction using glass, carbon, and Kevlar make the Plasma a very nice model. We're very impressed with the build quality from the Ukraine on this little rocket.

    • $299.00
  • The Bird-E is 60-inch model is of exceptional quality from CNC molds that is great for slope flying or flat field soaring.

    • $399.95
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  • The Bird-E Carbon is 60-inch model is of exceptional quality and strength from CNC molds that is great for slope flying or flat field soaring.

    • $485.95
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  • Designed for the extreme flight dynamics of F5F competition, but for just having fun on your local slopes or flying field, this is your top choice!

    • $599.95
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  • The Mini Twister is 3-meter hotliner that would feel right at home making fast laps in an F5B event. Climbs like a bat outta you-know-where! If you like fast and responsive, this is the one for you!

    • $1099.95
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