ASW-22 1:3 2XCarbon

Very big! 7.3 or 8.8-meter wingspan, both wing tips supplied. Two layups to choose from! Magnificent performance combined with ease of handling for intermediate or expert pilots.

  • Wingspan
    24/29 feet (7.33/8.86m)
  • Wing Area
    2,914 & 3,004 (188 & 196.4dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Dirk Pflug
  • Length
    9 feet (2.750m)
  • Weight
    33.1-43 lbs
  • Layup type
    Standard, GPS
  • $6999.95


1:3 Scale Majestic Classic!

The full scale ASW-22 is simply one of the most successful open class sailplanes of all time. Magnificent performance combined with ease of handling makes it a reasonable choice for pilots of any experience levels. The ASW-22 has won almost every world championship since it’s introduction. It won four world championships, more than any other single open class design. It is interesting that this was the first in a very successful string of AS ships which use a higher aspect ratio and thus higher wing loading than other open class sailplanes.
We are proud to bring you this extremely impressive (AND BIG!!) model in 1/3 scale, spanning 7.3 meters (8.8 with extended wing tip!), all molded of exceptional quality and extra strong. 
We offer two layups: Standard and special GPS Triangle competition lay-up-- both are glass smooth! For GPS Triangle competition, either layup can be used effectively, but they differ. 
The advantage of the special GPS layup is a lower wing loading in poor conditions and lighter peripherals (lighter wingtips and tail) giving it better agillity and  better reaction to thermals. If there is a disadvantage, it could be lower flight speed limit, however, for the speeds needed for GPS racing, it has some reserve. The longer wing tips could be used with GPS version, only for easy thermal flying, but acrobatics are NOT recommended. To maintain good stiffness, UMS carbon is used for the wingspar and HM carbon for the wing’s surface.
Using the manufacturer's  flying and building experiences with top F3B models, the airfoil of this new ASW 22 is very thin, but very stiff and strong, as there is more than 99% carbon in the wing.
The level of pre-fabrication in this model is very high. The basic cockpit is complete, canopy is mounted, landing wheel is mounted, the tow release is installed. All control cables and servo frames are included.
Wings come with custom-designed LDS linkage ready to install.  We can add a factory LDS install if you wish!  This LDS linkage is very strong and accurate with double LDS rods. It is ready for your wing servos: MKS HBL6625 (for ailerons) and MKS HV747 (for flaps). Servos can be easily inserted into the provided servo frame. No wiring harnesses are supplied.
This model is not equipped with airbrakes. The Standard version has no ballast system. The GPS version has ballast system in the wings. 
The elevator is prepared for LDS with 2 x MKS HBL6625 servos.
Aero towing a large sailplane like this is a simply majestic. There is nothing closer to the real thing. It is very mild mannered on tow, and once off the line has the wings to stay up all day long. The silky smooth response and feeling is one of a kind. Don’t be afraid to take it to a big slope either! This ship can fly and stay up in light conditions.
Approx. flying weights :
Standard layup 39.68 pounds (18000g) 
GPS Triangle competition version with HM spreadtow ... approx. 33~35.25 pounds (15000-16000g)
Technical data
Category GPS Triangle
Wingspan 7333 & 8860mm (24 & 29 feet)
Wing area 196.4 & 188dm
Weight 15000-19500g
Length 2750mm
Construction: Baudis Jiri
Airfoil Dirk Pflug

Video by Alain Hofer

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ASW-22 1:3 2XCarbon
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