Antares 20 6.6M

The Baudis Antares 20 6.6M glider is a highly prefabricated top quality high performance scale glider. A great choice for Alpine thermaling, Aero Tow or GPS Triangle Racing.

  • Wingspan
    262in (6.6M)
  • Airfoil
    Pflug Dirk
  • Length
    97 in. (2.46m)
  • Weight
    423 oz (11991kg)
  • $5995.00
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Antares 20 6.6m Scale Glider

Our friends at Baudis Model may have finally out done themselves. Jiri is known for his incredible quality and technical innovation, and this model shows why Baudis Model is one of the top manufacturers in the world.

The new Antares sports a massive 6.6M double carbon wing. Using their many years of experience producing the best F3B models, Baudis was prepared to push the envelope and design the most efficient model possible. The thickness of the airfoil demands a wing that is 99% carbon, and only 1% filler! CNC molds are used throughout, to ensure consistent airfoil replication. Even the spar has been CNC milled. Now we know why the Antares won the first GPS Triangle competition Jiri entered with it!

The Antares has an incredible level of pre-fabrication. The cockpit is complete (gauges, seat, seat belts, etc..), canopy mounted, landing wheel mounted, even the tow release is already installed and ready to go. The wing already has 4 servos with RDS already setup and ready to plugin. Also included are the ballast system, all radio cables, wing bags, and servo frames. The only thing Baudis didn't include is a cup of espresso so you can stay up all night staring at your new ship!

When it comes to top quality, you already know who Baudis is, and what they can do. This model represents the best effort from Baudis. If you are serious about GPS Triangle Racing, this is the ship for you. No holds barred, flat out performance from the best manufacturer. It really doesn't get any better than this. Order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this glider.

Also available with self-launch system! CLICK HERE

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Antares 20 6.6M Scale Glider
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