Brko D-Box light

Super lightweight D-box wing structure keeps strength up and total weight down. 

  • Wingspan
  • Length
  • Weight
    Auw 270g
  • $599.95
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Brko D-Box light

SoaringUSA is proud to introduce the all new Brko DLG D-box Light. After multiple improvements over its predecessor the Osiris MKII, the new Brko design will move you to a new level of performance unseen in the F3K  world of competition. 

Designed and built by master craftsman  J Cermak, the model construction is of extremely high quality, the fit and finish is the best we have seen in the industry. The wing uses thin airfoils for better penetration and high launch. The wing area has been increased to make it user friendly and perform better in a light air.  It is mounted in a deep saddle making the glider a mid-wing configuration with low drag.

Recommended Servos:  MKS DS65k x 4

Brko is available in three versions: 

  1. Spread tow carbon light reinforced Dbox and flaps - All Up Weight target 270g
  2. Spread tow carbon Dbox with carbon reinforced flaps - All Up Weight target 280g
  3. Full spread tow carbon wing - All Up Weight target 295g

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Brko D-Box light
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