Blade 2M Carbon Sailplane

This one piece wing 75-inch sloper that thrives on Dynamic Soaring and ballistic winds. Rigid and durable, it can hit speeds in excess of 200mph!

  • Wingspan
    75 in. (2m)
  • Airfoil
    RG15 mod (7% thinned)
  • Length
    42 in. (1.073m)
  • Weight
    68 oz + 12 oz ballast (1.927kg +340g)
  • Controls
    Ail/Flap/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
  • Features
    Extremely strong one piece wing with slip-on nosecone.
  • Battery config
    720 AAA 4 cel
  • $689.95

Blade 2M Carbon Sailplane

The Blade 2M Carbon is currently our best suited plane for Dynamic Soaring, obtaining speeds in excess of 200 mph! Gary Legerton reached 202 mph at Vincent, CA... Ben Kim (theTick) reached 206 mph at Parker on 12/16/04, followed by the fastest yet, Bill Lamping on 02/03/05...210mph!!

Strong enough for serious DS'ing, fast enough to be flown in F3F slope racing, and durable enough to handle general slopeside abuse, it's no surprise that the Blade 2M Carbon sells out with every shipment we receive!

You will probably see one of these DS'ing at your local slope, as they have been very popular gliders. Incredibly stiff, the Blade 2M Carbon will satisfy the cravings of the hard core performance enthusiast. Check out your speed with a high performance ProSpeed Radar gun.

The kit comes with carbon fiber pushrods that use threaded rod ends (which are included). The hardware bag contains aileron horns and V-tail ball links, plus the required steel metric screws for wing and tail mounting. We recommend using our custom 5 cell 720 mah NiMh battery pack, a single HS-5245 servo for the tail group (or similar), HS-5125 flat wing digital servos for the ailerons, and flaps.


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Blade 2M Carbon Sailplane
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