Blade XL Extreme (Carbon)

The 98" Blade XL Extreme is the all Carbon version of the high performance Blade XL. SoaringUSA exclusive!

  • Wingspan
    98" (2.5 meter)
  • Airfoil
    RG15 mod (7% thinned)
  • Length
    52 inches (1.3 m)
  • Weight
    90 oz + 44oz ballast
  • Controls
    Ail/Flap/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
  • Features
    Huge two piece carbon skinned wing. Carbon/Kevlar blended fuse with 2 piece removable carbon V-tail. Nose cone design with ample room. Ballast tube pre-installed, holds 44oz. Designed for F3F slope racing, ballistic frontside air, and capable as a DS mach
  • Battery config
    1650 NiHM "AA" 4 cell
  • $789.00
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Blade XL Extreme (Carbon)

SoaringUSA is the exclusive USA importers of the hot new Blade XL! and now we have the All Carbon version, The Extreme!

The Blade XL Extreme has all the same features as the Blade XL, but adds an incredibly strong and durable Carbon/Kevlar fuselage and an amazingly stiff all carbon wing. This wing has been tested at Parker Mtn, and has proven it's strength...even against yucca plants!

The Blade XL Extreme includes a heat treated steel joiner, a 2 piece wing, 2 piece removable v-tail, built in ballast tube, and lots of room in the nose for your favorite gear. Plenty of room for big NiMh packs and your choice of servos, including our favorite HS-5245 digitals from Hitec.

The color scheme of the Blade Extreme leaves the aft half of the fuse "naked" as well as portions of the wing tips and the bottom of the wings (note: color schemes vary from model to model). The paint jobs are all done in the molds.

Also featured is a pre-installed ballast tube!

Yes, there is a bottom "shotgun" ballast tube that takes 44oz. of ballast!! There's plenty of room in this fuse! Many people are loading their Blade Extreme's up as the ultimate Unlimited Man-on-Man airplane (11 pounds max FAI limit).

With the steel joiner, stiff wings, and bulletproof fuse, and ample wingspan, the Blade XL Extreme is a natural on the backside, approaching the performance ability of the Blade 2M Carbon, but is even easier to fly than the 2M.

If you need one aircraft to fly great on the front, fly great on the back, be competitive on the course, and survive a rugged landing area, this is one of the best values out there.

We recommend using a 4 cell 1650 mAh NiMh or larger battery pack, HS-5245 servos for the tail group (or similar), HS-5125 flat wing digital servos for the ailerons, and servos no larger than HS-85MG's for the flaps. Our preference is the Polo digi 4 for the flaps, but HS-5125's work also.

Video by uhrik

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Blade XL Extreme (Carbon)
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