DS Planes

SoaringUSA offers a select number of specialized gliders capable of being used in high speed Dynamic Soaring. *Due to the extreme nature of DS, we do not warranty or guarantee any model or equipment used in the airframe. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices. 

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  • The Bird Carbon 60" Sailplane is a high quality model using carbon fiber in the wings and kevlar and carbon in the fuse. All control surfaces have wipers. This is a very fast sport and DS glider.

    • $485.00
  • This one piece wing 75-inch sloper that thrives on Dynamic Soaring and ballistic winds. Rigid and durable, it can hit speeds in excess of 200mph!

    • $689.95
  • This model is very impressive for all out speed and aerobatics. The full-carbon 2pc wing is extremely strong with a beefy joiner and flaps for controlled landings.

    • $798.00
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  • Excels on the slope in all conditions from light air to "rip it up" strong winds. Layup has lots of carbon and a strong one piece wing.

    • $389.00
  • This 1.4 meter bird is a fun little sloper and all-arounder. Strong, but light, with a 1-pc wing, you can bring it with you on road trips easily.

    • $289.00
  • A stout and heavy carbon DS version of the popular 60-inch Mini Blade. Flaps have been added for slower landings in small areas.

    • $449.00
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  • The Mini Blade is an outstanding all purpose glider. Featuring a one piece wing with flaps, this plane has great potential as a DSer, Man on Man racer, and sport flyer.

    • $364.95
  • The Mini Destiny is the 45-inch wingspan little brother of the proven Destiny sloper. This little plane uses the same fuse, and tail, but a shorter 45-inch wing. 

    • $220.00
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  • With beautiful and graceful lines, the Volcano fills the gap between sport and scale flying and is also a perfect candidate for aero towing. 

    • $799.00