DS Planes

SoaringUSA offers a select number of planes capable of being used in Dynamic Soaring .  However, we do not warranty or guarantee any plane or item used in DS'ing.   In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!


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SKU Product name   Price  
SP-RM-BRD-60-C Bird Carbon 60" Sailplane
  • $485.00
SP-RM-BRD-60-2X Bird Double Carbon 60" Sailplane
  • $550.00
SP-X-BLD-75-C Blade 2M Carbon Sailplane
  • $689.95
SP-V-CPC-104-C Cappuccino 2.6M Carbon
  • $798.00
SP-V-CPCEX-104-3C Cappuccino 2.6M Extreme
  • $1099.00
SP-V-DSTC-54 Destiny Carbon-250mph!!
  • $389.00
SP-V-DSTG-54 Destiny Sailplane w/ Ballast Tube
  • $289.00
SP-X-MBDS-60-CF Mini Blade 1.5M DS- Carbon 1pc. w/Flaps
  • $449.00
SP-X-MBDS-60-GF Mini Blade 1.5M DS- Glass 1pc. w/Flaps
  • $364.95
SP-V-MDST-45-G Mini Destiny
  • $220.00
SP-V-TRM-80-C Terminator Carbon
  • $580.00
SP-V-VCNO-144 Volcano
  • $799.00