Mini Blade 1.5M DS- Carbon 1pc. w/Flaps

A stout and heavy carbon DS version of the popular 60-inch Mini Blade. Flaps have been added for slower landings in small areas.

  • Wingspan
    60" (1,53M)
  • Wing Area
  • Wing loading
  • Airfoil
    RG15 Mod (7%)
  • Length
    35 inches (.90 m)
  • Weight
    44 oz w/micro gear + 12 oz ballast
  • Controls
    2 Ail/Flaps/Ele/Rud/
  • Battery config
    1500 Elite 4cel Flat
  • $449.00
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Call for availability

Mini Blade 1.5-Meter DS Carbon

The Mini Blade DS version is our stiffest 60" sloper. And now with flaps, landings are a breeze.

The Carbon Mini Blade is a purpose built glider. Featuring a double carbon skinned 1 piece wing with flaps, and a 2 piece removable v-tail, with an incredibly stiff carbon/Kevlar fuse, this little screamer begs for a chance at the backside of your favorite DS slope.

On November 15, 2005 Nick Hull a.k.a. (2lsvtec) pushed his Mini Blade to 208 mph at Parker Mountain!

The all carbon Mini Blade is not for the faint of heart, this plane is heavy and fast. Unballasted it weighs in a bit under 50 oz with gear. Add another 12 oz of ballast, and you have a slope rocket.

We use this Mini Blade for Dynamic Soaring and slope racing, and ballistic soaring on really good days. We readily achieve speeds in excess of 150 mph with ours, and hope to break the 192mph record at slopes like Parker Mtn. and  Vincent.

The one piece wing is NOT your typical glass, balsa, carbon spar'd construction. A full span carbon wrapped resin impregnated spar completes the D-box area, and another full span carbon spar sits at the sub-trailing edge, with the entire wing made out of yards and yards of carbon fiber. The skin is finished with a glossy exterior finish painted in the molds in a variety of schemes. The fuselage on the carbon Mini Blade is a work of art. A gorgeous blend of carbon fiber and color tinted Kevlar, this fuse is STIFF and very strong thanks to the Kevlar. We never know what we are going to get color-wise, so ask before you order if you are particular. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

We recommend using our custom made 4 cell Sanyo 1500 Flat NiHM battery pack, MKS DS6100  servos all around. The ballast tube fits 9/16" dia. ballast slugs, and you can fit between 12 - 14 oz of ballast in the tube that's accessible under from the nose. Pre-cut Ballast kits are available as an option.

**Please keep in mind that DS'd products are not something that we can cover with a warranty.

Download Videos of the Mini Blade screaming the backside

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