DVD - Glider Repair Lab Complete Set

Glider Repair Lab Complete Training DVD Set

  • $53.95

The Glider Repair Lab video training programs will teach you all about the materials, tools, and techniques required to do basic and advanced repairs on r/c glider and sailplane airframes made with today's modern composite materials. You save $16.00 off the regular individual DVD price by getting this discounted set of all three seminars. You WILL want all the videos!

Spare parts are hard to get and expensive and some rare planes are impossible to replace so learn to fix them like a pro with the Glider Repair Lab training series.

In this 6 hour long video training series you'll learn to fix both foam-core and hollow-moulded wings, splice fuselages back together, repair cracks and do laminations with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar clothes, and how to use the epoxies and glues required. After learning all of the techniques taught by expert Paul Naton, you should be able to tackle just about any repair you may need to do saving you both time and money.


Epoxy Basics • Materials Safety • Epoxy Modifiers • Composite Materials Basics • Sanding and Grinding • Making Laminations • Repair Evaluations • Sanding • Painting Prep • Using Fillers and Primers • Wet Sanding & Fairing • Painting and Refinishing Techniques • Advanced Wing Repair Methods • Fuselage Splicing With Doublers • Wing Fairing Tips • Spar/Joiner Repair • Primer Painting Techniques • Using Peel-Plys • Finish Stripping For Paint • Stitching Cracked Fuses With Carbon


DVD - Glider Repair Lab Complete Set
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