Electric Revolution

Electric Revolution
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Electric Revolution DVD by Radio Carbon Art

Join the revolution! Paul Naton's Handlaunch Building Clinic - Radio Carbon Art

Electric powered flight has truly come of age. Our new 2 hour DVD Electric Revolution documents the latest trends in electric flight technologies including an in depth look at the new breed of Lithium Polymer batteries which is driving a renaissance in electric flight.

To see the latest technology, we take you to the 2004 Southeast Electric Flight Festival, one of the world's largest electric flight events featuring an amazing array of the latest electric 3-D, scale, ducted fans, and helicopters flown by the sport's top demonstration pilots. Pro demo pilots Quique Somenzini, Mike McConville, Gary Wright, Jason Schulman, George Hicks, & helicopter ace Eric Larson, put their high powered craft through impressive 3-D aerobatic routines you have to see to believe. You will also see the new generation of foam 3-D shock flyers performing outrageous flight routines at low altitude and high speed.

Electric Revolution features fantastic photography, in-depth interviews, and lots of captivating flying action. We guarantee this will be the most entertaining all electric flight film yet produced! Be sure to watch the preview trailer in either QuickTime or Windows Media 9 format. Read the E-Zone's new online review of this DVD at this LINK:

What You Get: Our region free DVDs are produced from the digital master onto high quality DVD-R media and includes a standard DVD case and color art work.

Lithium Polymer Introduction
Learn about the new Lithium Polymer battery technology and see how this new power technology is driving the electric revolution. Charging and safety information is covered as well.

Demonstration Flights
The sport's top factory demo pilots fly a large variety of planes, many of them gas powered models converted to e-power.

The Amazing Extra 300L
An exclusive look at Rob Honeycutt's amazing Extra 300 powered by 2 big Hacker motors and tons of Li-Po batteries. This plane pushes the limits of e-flight forward a long ways.

The Foam 3-D Craze
Check out the latest craze in electrics: high performance all-foam 3-D "Shock Flyers" powered by brushless motors and Li-Poly batteries. These planes make 3-D flight affordable for all.

Quique Talks Electric
4-Time Tournament of Champions aerobatic winner Quique Somenzini talks about his electric flight experiences and shows off his latest 3-D airplanes. Quique flies some beautiful demo flights.

Extreme Helicopters
Pro pilot Eric Larsen shows off his state of the art electric heli which matches the performance of its Nitro powered brothers. Eric's 3-D flight demo is truly amazing.

Bill Mixon's giant old timer with a 12 foot wing span, and a huge 3-D ship built out of only blue foam and yard sticks!

A tutorial covers Lithium Polymer battery technology including charging and handling procedures.

Total Run Time: 1h: 55 min

Electric Revolution
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