Glider Tech Lab 1

Glider Tech Lab 1

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                The new 3 hour HD quality instructional video Glider Tech Lab 1 will teach you many new and valuable skills that will help you build, prepare, and maintain your r/c sailplane like a pro.

Part of my job is to learn about the latest glider gear and how to apply this hardware to our planes for easier and more reliable performance flying. I also spend time perfecting my own technical skills like soldering and wiring, and then teach those skills to you

The Tech Lab opens with a seminar on batteries and how to choose the right battery for your airframe and how to calculate your power use for safe flight times. We also take a look at some of the new batteries available and the advantages and pitfalls of each type. Digital servos, 2.4 recievers, and telemetry packages use way more power than you think!  I cover the proper charging techniques for each battery chemistry, how to track the capacity and health of cells on your PC, and how to keep your packs healthy and reliable. You will also learn how to build your own custom Nimh battery flight pack the professional way.

Like it or not, soldering and dealing with wire connections is part of the hobby, and I show you some new pro techniques to make your soldering skills better. I cover digital soldering irons, proper temperature control, new types of solders and fluxes, and teach a fast tinning technique. I also cover soldering with Silver content solder to make strong mechanical bonds between dissimilar metals. 

On/off switches are often the cause of crashes and I show you some new techniques for setting up a solid and reliable system and how to wire up some of the cool new magnetically activated electronic types like the ones from Zepsus and Practical R/C.

To round out the seminar, I show how to install a complete Rotary Drive System in the six servo wing and build-out the fuselage of Daryl Perkins' hot new Vixen F3J competition glider. RDS systems are now getting common, and though challenging to install, you will learn how to make it all work the first time. You'll learn lots of other great building tips watching me finish and make-ready this beautiful state-of-the-art glider.

Other subjects covered are how to use a servo lead crimper, do an inline wire splice, how to use and install magnetic switches, and how to use an electronic servo driver to speed servo installations.

While this video is not for the Radian-level raw beginner, this video training program is perfect for any slope, thermal, or electric pilot wanting to expand their skills and learn valuable plane-saving and optimizing skills. I guarantee this download has more than twenty-five dollars worth of great information in it, if you don't agree, then you can get your money back, no questions asked. 


Battery Basics • Power Use Calculation • Charger Set Up • Form & Cycle NimH • The False Peak • LiFE Charge • Fuel Gauges/ESVs • Li-on Cautions • Discharge Curves • Power System FAQ • Soldering Class • Battery Build • RDS Install • Vixen Fuse Install • Servo Driver • Servo Crimper • Inline Wire Splice • Switch Clinic 


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