Eagle Tree Telemetry

"Thanks for your amazing Glide version. I just received it, and only have 1.5 hours of flight time on it, but it was truly amazing. I would call myself an intermediate glider pilot. I am able to catch thermals here and there. I normally check out known locations at my flying field to see if there is lift, or depend on hawks, or other gliders to help spot lift. With the Glide, I caught 3 major thermals, and had many, many more indications of lift areas. I would not have located many of these without the Glide. It makes it pretty easy to find the center of a thermal, and I was even able to follow a thermal that was getting blown down field, something I have never done effectively."
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  • Standalone Airspeed Sensor
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    Standalone Altitude Sensor
    • $37.99
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  • Micropower E-Logger V3

    • $69.99
  • Optical RPM Sensor (OPT-RPM)

    • $14.99
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    Glide System
    • $399.99
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