Aloha F5J - 3m Xtail

The Aloha is a 3-meter F5J competition sailplane with a v-tail. With its 3m wingspan Aloha really covers ground and the v-tail gives the Aloha the edge in working tight, low level thermals, with great “hang time.”

  • Wingspan
    118in (3m)
  • Wing Area
    778 (50.2dm2)
  • Wing loading
    Approx. 4.9 oz/sq.ft (14.9 g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    DI890~DI820; 6.5~5.0%
  • Weight
    26.45oz (750g) approx. flying weight
  • Controls
  • Features
    32mm Spinner Diameter
  • Motor type
    Neu 707/2y/P16
  • Battery config
    2s Lipo
  • Channels
    7 channels
  • $1299.95
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Aloha F5J 3-Meter with X-tail

Aloha F5J is an ultra-light competition sailplane from the maker of the highly successful Boom and Stiletto Lift DLGs. Data and experience gained from these F3K models has taken Jim Aero in an innovative, new direction; a new way of looking at F5J.

Aloha F5J has a 3-meter wingspan and flying weight of only 750g. In typical Jim Aero R&D method,  the new Aloha F5j was designed using computer modeling and followed by experimental testing. Aloha is built to be rigid and light weight. The wing and tails are made with solid XPS core. Its new family of airfoils have a high aerodynamic efficiency over a wide range of flight speeds and exhibit a very low sink rate. In windy conditions or calm, Aloha covers ground! Plus, its 3m wingspan gives the Aloha the edge in working tight, low level thermals, and its DLG heritage ensures great “hang time.” Two versions of tail are available: V-tail and classic X-tail.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Suggested Motor: Neu 707 with 4.4 gearbox

Suggested Prop: RFM 12.5x7

Suggested Servos: MKS DS75K

Suggested ESC: Castle Talon 35A

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Aloha F5J - 3m Xtail
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