Chilli GPS

Built extra strong for pilots who want to fly large, impressive models aggressively with aerobatics! Withstands the airloads of steep descents from 150 meters (500 feet)! This model is supplied with most of the work already done!

  • Wingspan
    183in (4.65m)
  • Wing Area
  • Airfoil
    VJV 1/9-1/8
  • Length
    78 in
  • Weight
    15 lbs (6800 g)
  • Controls
  • Motor type
    Neu 1512/1.5d/6.7 (or 1518 call us)
  • Battery config
    5s 5000 Lipo
  • Channels
    8 ch.
  • Chilli GPS Versions
    1xCarbon, 2xCarbon, Special
  • $1999.95

Chilli GPS

Chilli GPS with Double Carbon is for the pilots who want to fly a large and impressive model aggressively on the slope with aerobatics! Built extra-strong to withstand the airloads of steep descents from 150 meters (500 feet)! 

This model is supplied with most of the work already done. It is fully composite-built. Wings with flaps, fuselage, and tail are hinged, and pushrods installed. The customer only needs to install the radio gear.

  • Kevlar hollow molded fuselage with carbon tape reinforcements on the fuse sides
  • Elevator bellcrank installed. Elevator servo mounted rear inside fin foot. Vertical tail removable!
  • Double wall molded canopy. Attachment system by music wire installed
  • Wing and empennages: full Carbon, hollow molded. Color/graphics sprayed into the mold before laminating
  • Rectangular hollow carbon wing joiner
  • LDS system (Linear Drive System) for ailerons and flaps linkages
  • CNC-cut plywood servo trays included
  • Hardware: Rudder flex pushrod (kevlar) installed inside the fuse, fiberglass rudder control horn, metal clevises, LDS system, plywood fuselage tray, MPX connectors, etc.

The Chilli is now available in 3 versions.

  • Chilli GPS 1xCarbon
  • Chilli GPS 2xCarbon
  • Chilli GPS Special

Recommended motor: NEU Motor 1512-1.5D/6.7/1

Recommended prop: RFM 20x13 Folding Prop

Recommended spinner: RFM 38/6 spinner

Recommended BL-ESC: Edge Lite 200

CLICK here to see video

Vimeo video of electrified Chilli by Webmaster MG-Wohlen
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Chilli GPS
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