Viper F5D Pylon

The Viper F5D is very fast, quiet, and tracks like mad. Are you ready for the next level in speed? 

  • Wingspan
    55 in (1.4m)
  • Length
    34.5 in (0.87m)
  • Weight
    10.9 oz
  • Controls
    Ail, Ele, Thr
  • $599.00
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Viper F5D 

Stratair took a unique approach to the design of the Viper, starting with a few simple questions:

  • Can we make it faster? - Yes!
  • Can we pre-fab more of the aircraft? - Yes!
  • Can we leverage new FAI rules in our favor? - Yes!
  • Can we accommodate more than 2KWs? - Sounds like fun!
  • Can we break the sound barrier? - umm, seriously?

The results are in our favor! Consider this:

  • Bottom Hinged Ailerons with Wipers
  • Wipers on the Tail Too!
  • Extended Nose for Larger Props (up to 15 in) !!
  • Pre-installed CNC motor plate
  • Extended, Extra Rigid Tail Boom
  • Easily Removable Stab
  • Larger fuse for more juice!

The wing is built around a carbon wrapped main spar, as well as rohacell, plus ribs were added for torsional strength. The fuse sports a primarily kevlar nose with just a couple of carefully placed carbon rovings for a 2.4Ghz friendly nose that can take a high output power plant. The large fuse can take batteries up to 42mm tall, and 35mm wide. Motors up to 28mm will just drop right in there (you'll want a 30mm spinner for the nose). The  reports are in. All the planning worked. The Viper is very fast, very quiet, and tracks like mad! Are you ready for the next level? The Viper is also available in: Flaps and Special Show Version. Order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this glider. 

Recommended Electronics:

Recommended Motor: Neu 1115/1y

Recommended Motor: Neu 1112/1y

Recommended ESC: Edge Lite 100

Recommended Battery: TP 5s 2250 65c

Recommended Prop: GM 5x5 Spinner combo

Recommended Servo: Fuse MKS DS6100

Recommended Servo: Wing MKS HV6130

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Viper F5D Pylon
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