Vixen 2 F5J V-Tail

Vixen 2 (F5J LMR/ALES) is a V-tail electric sailplane for competition or sport in three layups: Standard, Strong (windy), and Competition. You are going to fall in love with this "fox."

  • Wingspan
    144 in. (3.68m)
  • Wing Area
    1169 (75.42dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Proprietary-modified JW transitioning to modified Drela sections
  • Length
    68 in. (1.72m)
  • Weight
    44-51 oz AUW
  • Motor type
    Neu 1102/3y/6.7 gear motor
  • Battery config
    3s LiPo
  • Layup options
    Standard, Strong, Competition
  • $1799.95

Vixen 2 F5J, V-tail

The Vixen 2 F5J is a proven model with a exceptional pedigree!

The JW/Drela/DP wing section/planform is a good looking, great performing model that is now available for F5J.
The redesigned wing has been changed to a 4-servo design, but if you wish, there is an outer-tip servo bay in the wing for 6 servos. The wing has factory installed LDS, ready to drop in servos!
The large V-tail works very well at low speed, and with the polyhedral wing, and long tail moment, it translates to a very stable, predictable flying model.  
The signature Daryl Perkins inspired canopy on the Vixen 2 is a nice touch for the electro-gear giving you easy access to all your drivetrain! The DP-style canopy is pre-hinged at the factory as well.
In a very short time, you’ll be in the air, and you will realize what an amazing sailplane this is!  It is a world class F5J model and a solid performer!  
The Vixen 2 comes with:
  • Hardware
  • Pushrods installed wing/supplied for fuse
  • Wing bags/tail bags
  • LDS installed-flush mount
  • Canopy hinges installed
  • Ballast tubes in wing for up to 24 oz. of 9/16 ballast
The Vixen 2 F5J comes in three layups:
  1. Standard-Glass/carbon
  2. Strong (windy)-C68gsm Carbon
  3. Competition Strong/Lite (pictured)-Carboline 37gsm

Suggested Power Setup:

Motor: NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)

Spinner: GM 30/6mm Spinner

Prop: GM 15x8 Prop

ESC: CC Phoenix EDGE Lite 50

Battery: Tattu Battery 850mAh 3S 75C Lipo

Suggested Accessories:

Servos: MKS HV6100 MG six are needed

Servo Frames: Servo Frames for DS6100 servos with bearings (pair), order two pairs

Firewall: PNC Alum Firewall 30mm for P22 or Powerline, one needed

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