Explorer Q4 3.5m

The new Explorer Q from Nan Models has an all new, three piece fuselage, main wing is separated to four pieces for easy compact transport. Ballast is now located in the wings, which makes it much easier access. With the redesigned airfoil and trilerons, Explorer Q performs better is all-weather conditions, has better stability in the turns, easier landing characteristics, better penetration, much improved handling and agility with Explorer Q.
offered as 3.5m, 3,8m and 4m wingspan versions.

  • Wingspan
    149.6 in (3800 mm)
  • Wing Area
    1,263 sq.in (81.5 dm²)
  • Airfoil
    NAN F3J
  • Length
    61 in (1550 mm)
  • Weight
    28.22 oz (800 g) empty
  • Motor type
    NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)
  • Battery config
    3s LiPo
  • Specification
    Tail Area: 137 sq.in. (8.8 dm²)
  • Maximum Current
    50 amps
  • Tail options
    V-tail, X-tail
  • $1949.95

Explorer Q4 3.5m

Explorer Q4 with big flaps means variable camber wings, a giant leap to higher performance!

Whether scratching for altitude in light lift conditions or speeding through sink to the next thermal, Explorer Q4 gives you a BIG advantage! And talk about slowing down to hit your perfect landing, this bird can really hit the brakes!

Extensive experimenting and testing with different flap chords has resulted in this latest Explorer model. State-of-the-art construction methods combined with maximum airfoil camber flexibility and efficiency, plus Explorer's sleek, low drag air frame combine to make this Soaring USA exclusive sailplane impossible to beat!

Brand new high performance F5J competition glider. First of the Explorer range with a 4 piece wing (center panel is in 2 pieces and two versions of the center panel and two versions of the wing tips are available – 3.5 m, 3.7 m, 3.8 m and 4 m). The airfoil is modified form of the previous versions of the Explorer. The fuse is in 3 parts.  X and V tail version are available. This makes it much easier to transport, because you can fit 3 Q models in a box 33x33x135. The servos for the tail are extremely easy to install in the rear end of the fuse. Ballast is to be put  in tubes inside the wing and is easily removed.  Model is suitable for experienced modelers and competitors and is suitable to all weather conditions (depending on the version).

The kit is supplied with:

  • Carbon fuselage
  • Fully molded composite wing panels
  • Fully molded composite tail
  • Full accessory pack

Recommended Motor: NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22) 

Recommended ESC: CC Phoenix EDGE Lite 50 Brushless Speed Controller

Recommended Battery: Dinogy Battery 850mAh 3S 80C Lipo

Recommended Spinner: GM 30/6mm Spinner

Recommended prop: GM 15x8 Prop.

Recommended Cover: Xplorer/Explorer Covers

NAN models in Bulgaria represents their continued dedication to producing some of the finest, best value models in the world. The Explorer raises the bar to a new level with ever-higher quality, superior fit and finish into a lighter, stiffer air frame. Nikolay has been working hard on the production of this new model for some time, and once again, he has come up with a winner!

The Explorer/Xplorer is the model flown by 3x  F5J Euro Champ Primoz R.  And the Xplorer F3J is the model used for the 2016 F3J champion Arijan H.

SoaringUSA is the Exclusive dealer for the Explorer Q4 in USA, and we are pleased to be partners with NAN! 

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