Electric Access.

SoaringUSA offers the world's finest electric power system components, products and gear that are specifically suited to make your model complete. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

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  • A handy box to have for storage, transportation, and field setup.

    • $39.95
  • ToolKit RC LiPo Safety Storage Bag
    • New!

    Use the LiPo Safety Bag to transport and store Lithium batteries with a high safety factor.

    • $9.95
  • ToolKit RC SC100 Charging Cable
    • New!

    SC100 USB-C to XT60 Adapter Cable

    • $10.99
  • ToolKit RC ST8 Servo Tester
    • New!

    The ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester is an incredible servo testing and optimization tool that is a must have for almost any R/C enthusiast.

    • $49.99
  • ToolKit RC WM150 Advanced Watt Meter
    • New!

    The Toolkit RC WM150 1~50V 150A Advanced Watt Meter is a must-have for all users of electric powertrains for RC model airplanes.

    • $39.99
  • ToolKit RC XT60 To XT30 Adapter
    • New!

    The ToolKit RC female XT60 to female XC30 adapter for charging requirements.

    • $2.95