Experience Pro E

A F3J/TD contest winner that features an excellent all-round airfoil. The ailerons and flaps are top drive, bottom hinged. All surfaces are wipered for optimum performance. LOTS of room for power systems of different sizes.

  • Wingspan
    131 In
  • Wing Area
    977 Sq In
  • Wing loading
    13 oz Sq/In
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    61 In
  • Weight
    88 Oz
  • Controls
  • $1099.00
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Experience Pro E

After years of success in F3J/TD contests, including 2nd place at the F3J WC in Martin, Slovakia, and 1st place in the  Eurotour F3J, we have a proven winner!

NAN models, and SoaringUSA bring you the Experience Pro Electro! This well thought out model, has all of the +'s all E guys are looking for! The large nose area provides ample room for LOTS of power, and Li-Pos. Excellent access through the large canopy makes Li-Po removal a breeze on the field. The elevator and rudder servos are located in the fuse behind the wing. The opposite side of fuse has a nice opening for the RX, and RX battery. This leaves the entire front for "business".

The wing is Carbon D box, 3pc HN354, and an excellent all-round foil that has a huge flight performance window, while still very strong and durable. The ailerons and flaps are top drive, bottom hinged, with the control horns pre tapped in the control surface. All surfaces are wipered, for optimum performance.

If you have an Experience Pro and are thinking about how to get more use from your airframe, we do offer just the E fuse as an option, you then have 2 models in one for those dead air days, or if you are too lazy to put up the winch!

We suggest one of our Neu Motor and Castle combos for this, making the final product one that will bring hours of smiles. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

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Experience Pro E
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