SoaringUSA works with our European partners to bring select competitive F3B models into the USA to help grow the local popularity of this exciting and highly challenging sport. In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

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  • Just now in stock, the Freestyler 6 is a versatile F3F or F3B competitor. It's a sailplane with fantastic straightaway speed and awesome "snap-flap" turning ability. Our FS-6s includes all the add ons: wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130.

    • $2499.95
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  • The Twister F3F is equally suited for F3B with the addition of a tow hook. It's super fast and responsive.

    • $1099.95
  • Fosa: The successor to the Cyril, Ceres and Ceres Lift. A high aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and added stiffness.

    • $2199.00
  • World records are earned by pilots AND incredibly performing models. The Pitbull F3F or F3B is one of those classic gliders that can do it all.

    • $1999.95
  • Version 2.0 of the best all-around glider you can find, the Experience Pro 2 is a great choice for F3J or TD competitions as well as F5J.

    • $1199.95
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  • The newly improved successor to the Pitbull, it uses a new material, HM spread tow, for greater torsional airframe stiffness.

    • $1999.95
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  • The Skywalker 3.8m 2X Carbon is a very versatile F3B & F3F model by Jiri Baudis. Wing skin is a "sandwich" of glass/GF/Herex/CF, the spar is CF/Herex. The fuse has been stretched and strengthened and is 2.4G friendly.

    • $1899.95
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  • Designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines the Vampire comes fully pre-wired.

    • $2099.95
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  • This top notch purpose built F3F/F3B machine has "legs" for distance and low wing loading for working weak lift.

    • $1300.00
  • Just now in stock the Freestyler 6 Electric is a versatile Electric F3B competitor. It's a electric sailplane with fantastic straightaway speed and awesome "snap-flap" turning ability. Our FS-6e include all the add ons: wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130's.

    • $2499.95
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  • The Eldorado F3B/F3F utilizes an ingenious flap and aileron system moving the servos directly into the root of the wing for incredibly quick turns.  

    • $1799.95
  • The successor to the Ceres and Ceres Lift. New Dirk Pflug airfoil obtains the best launch possible yet still retains the slippery characteristics needed for speed.

    • $2099.00
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  • A competition class F3B ship featuring ultra slim fuselage, proven RG15 airfoils (thinned), and swept wingtips. 

    • $1299.95
  • An F3B Eurotour winner and the engineering and mold work are second to none. It is fast and turns hard. Capable of flying in very light air, yet very fast!

    • $1795.00
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  • With flawless construction, innovative details, STRONG carbon skins and heavily reinforced fuse all add up to a very high performance slope racer or for multi-task F3B.

    • $1050.00