Toba F3B/F

Full carbon wings with a strong spar system. Takes a full tow! Fuselage is carbon with a kevlar nose for 2.4. This model was flown at the WC in 2011. It held its own against the best in the world!

  • Wingspan
    121 in. (3.073m)
  • Wing Area
    899 (58dm2)
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    57 in. (1.448m)
  • Weight
    72oz (2050g)
  • Controls
  • $1149.95


F3B/F3F Competition Model

The Toba from RCRCM is the most exciting F3B/F machine from their workshop. The wings are full carbon with a strong spar system that will take a full tow, and the fuse is carbon with a kevlar nose for 2.4. This model was used by the Chinese Team at the WC in 2011. It proved to hold it's own with the best models in the world! 

From the designer:

TOBA is the name of an aboriginal people who inhabit the Province where I live called Chaco, in the north of Argentina. These aborigines cut their hair from their forehead, in honor of the death of a family member, so his name TOBA, means big forehead. I named TOBA this glider, as a tribute to all the Toba´s people in the province of Chaco - Argentina …

Built with the best and most resistant materials available, that allows an incredible performance for flying F3B. This advanced design completed with the latest technology in construction, allows you to be prepared for increasing demand in high competition.

Well folks, this is a great glider and I hope you enjoy it like me!

Video by Moro Pisarello

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