Twister F3F

Twister F3F is equally suited for F3B with the addition of a tow hook. Fast and responsive!

  • Wingspan
    118 in. (2.99m)
  • Wing Area
    976 (62.96dm2)
  • Wing loading
    10.4 oz/sq.ft. (31.74g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    VJV 1/8
  • Length
    58.3 in. (1.481m)
  • Weight
    70.5oz min. AUW (1.998kg)
  • Controls
  • Channels
    6 ch.
  • $1099.95

Twister F3F 

F3F/F3B Competition Sailplane

If you like fast and responsive, Twister has it in spades!

Just look at the above video  from videographer David J. Olsen (via RC Groups) of a Twister F3F making speed runs at Point Fermin cliffs (Southern California)!

First time through, watch the flying. Second time through read the captions!

Vimeo video by Phil Davey - CLICK HERE

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Twister F3F
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