SoaringUSA offers select models for all classes of Slope Racing.  The following list of models are well suited for F3F racing.  In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products.  Service is our hallmark. Let us prove it!

New to slope racing, or just "thinking about it"?  Check out these websites for more information: "What Is F3F?" -- Slope Racing (use "All Disciplines" drop down) -- 2018 Davenport International Slope Race: The ISR

Warning: Slope racing is addictive. If you or someone you know is addicted to Slope Racing, we can help.  Our team is dedicated to supporting our customers, and we are available for interdiction as needed .  (Or maybe they just need a new plane...)

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  • Ascot is a great multi-task sailplane. It can compete in F3F or F3B equally effectively.

    • $1750.00
  • Competition worthy sailplane with optimised Dirk Pflug airfoil. Goes fast and retains energy in turns. Tolerates heavy ballast. Thermals very well. 

    • $1799.95
  • F3B competition sailplane that features wing construction techniques which emphasize stiffness and significant weight reduction using a new and very thin Dirk Pflug airfoil!

    • $2449.95
  • High Performance F3F sailplane! Lightweight, strong and clean German design! 

    • $2199.95
  • This model is very impressive for all out speed and aerobatics. The full-carbon 2pc wing is extremely strong, with a beefy joiner. Faps for controlled landings

    • $798.00
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    This model is very impressive for all out speed and aerobatics. The triple carbon 2pc wing is extremely strong, with a beefy joiner. Faps for controlled landings

    • $1099.00
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    Ceres F3F is fast, and turns hard! Hundreds of hours of R&D work have produced one of the finest, world class planes available! 

    • $1640.00
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  • The successor to the Ceres and Ceres Lift. New Dirk Pflug airfoil obtains the best launch possible yet still retains the slippery characteristics needed for speed.

    • $2099.00
  • Features a new layup specifically designed for F3F, including stronger CF skins to handle the added stress of hard F3F turns, and the brutal LZs we see on the slopes.

    • $1799.00
  • Utilizes an ingenious flap and aileron system moving the servos directly into the root of the wing for incredibly quick turns.  

    • $1799.95
  • Top notch, purpose built F3F/F3B machine! Has "legs" for distance and low wing loading for working lift.

    • $1300.00
  • Experience Pro 2
    • New!

    Just arrived! Version 2.0 of the best all-around glider you can find! Experience Pro 2 is a great choice for F3J TD competition or F5J!

    • $1199.95
  • Fosa: The successor to the Cyril, Ceres and Ceres Lift. High aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and stiffness!

    • $2199.00
  • High aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and stiffness! Lighter wing loading for best rate of climb!

    • $2299.00
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    The Freestyler 5 is a versatile F3F or F3B competitor!  It's a sailplane with fantastic straightaway speed and awesome "snap-flap" turning ability. Our FS-5s include all the add ons: wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130!

    • $2299.95
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    From the Czech manufacturer Baudis, the hottest F3F/F3B model: Jedi! ...And the Force is definitely strong with this one!

    • $1999.95
  • Merlin incorporates high performance and quality in an affordable package. Superb handling and resistance to stall.

    • $849.95
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    F3F Needle Carbon: efficient, low drag design with transitioning airfoil. Ballasting capability.

    • $1599.95
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    Needle 115 sits between the Needle 100 which is an extremely fast F3F competitor in medium to strong conditions and the Needle 124 which has demonstrated to be very competitive in light conditions.


    • $2299.95
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  • If you are after speed with high roll rate and great energy retention, here it is!

    • $2399.95
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    World Champion kinda says it all! New higher aspect ratio, thinner airfoil wing and longer tail boom. New color scheme!

    • $2199.95
  • This design is cutting edge! Call for availability as there are various layups made.

    • $2199.95
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    The newly improved successor to the Pitbull! Uses a new material, HM spread tow, for greater torsional stiffness.

    • $1999.95
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    World records are earned by pilots AND incredibly performing models. This is one such model!

    • $1999.95
  • Rotmilan Midi F3F is the shorter wingspan successor to the Rotmilan, the 2014 FAI/F3F World Championship winner

    • $1699.95
  • World records are made to be broken, and this model was used to best the F3F record time! F3B-type construction.

    • $1499.00
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    Very versatile F3B & F3F model by Jiri Baudis. Wing skin "sandwich" glass/GF/Herex/CF, spar is CF/Herex. The fuse has been stretched and strengthened. 2.4G friendly.. 

    • $1899.95
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  • Features spread tow carbon construction: light, stiff, highly prefabricated. Can be winch towed for thermal flights.

    • $749.95
  • Flawless construction, innovative details, STRONG carbon skins and heavily reinforced fuse all add up to a very high performance slope racer or multi-task F3B.

    • $1050.00
  • Full carbon wings with a strong spar system. Takes a full tow! Fuselage is carbon with a kevlar nose for 2.4. This model was flown at the WC in 2011. It held its own against the best in the world!

    • $1149.95
  • Makes an excellent F3F sport model or all arounder. The elliptical planform supports a very large speed envelope, with no nasty habits at low speed.

    • $745.95
  • A super efficient 2-meter speedster with 3-meter F3F qualities giving you best "bang for your buck"!

    • $499.95
  • Twister F3F is equally suited for F3B with the addition of a tow hook. Fast and responsive!

    • $1099.95
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    Designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines. Fully pre-wired!

    • $2099.95
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