Pitbull F3F or F3B

World records are earned by pilots AND incredibly performing models. The Pitbull F3F or F3B is one of those classic gliders that can do it all.

  • Wingspan
    117.3in (2980mm)
  • Wing Area
    851in2 (54.9dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Dirk Pflug
  • Length
    56.5in (1435mm)
  • Weight
    F3F (Strong) 72~83oz (2250~2350g), F3B 69~72oz (1950~2050g)
  • Controls
    Ail, Ele, Rud, Flaps
  • Features
    Aspect Ratio: 16.5:1
  • Pitbull Variants
    Pitbull F3F, Pitbull F3B
  • $1999.95

Pitbull F3F or F3B Competition Model

The Pitbull is the latest creation from a long line of champions produced by Jiri Baudis! The Pitbull is like no other, pushing both the limits of design and construction to a whole new level.

It was never thought possible for an F3B/F airframe to have such a high aspect ratio while maintaining stiffness. Jiri's new model will again revolutionize the racing scene.

The Pitbull has a 2.4Ghz friendly nose and nosecone, and the wing is equipped with RDS on the control surfaces, making the linkage tight and slop free linkage, with no exposure outside of the wing (no drag!). The wing connects to the fuselage with Two large Joiners and the wing also has ribs for additional stiffness.

The Pitbull comes in a choice of F3F Strong or F3B layups. Complete hardware pkg with RDS linkage, wiring harness, wingbags and ballast slugs for both wing and fuse. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

F3F World Record: Lukas Gaubatz flying a Pitbull

Lukas GAUBATZ (AUT) flew with Pitbull a new F3F World Record in the course of the Austrian Nationals with a time of 24.10 seconds at Braunsberg / Hainburg – Lower Austria at September 20th 2015. Big congratulations to Lukas!!!

Pitbull sees great success at the Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong

Half of the top ten pilots flew a Pitbull in the race. The first and the second place were taken with pilots flying a Pitbull.
1st - Ken Ko
2nd - Kenneth Chan
4th - Ho Kwok Wai
8th - Leung Chi Sang
9th - Au Chi Fai

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