Eagle 4.0 RES

BIG 4-meter span Eagle! A real floater that can "book" when required! A thermal duration master! Rudder, elevator, spoilers, plus 3 dihedral breaks help you get your time and make that perfect landing!

  • Wingspan
    157 in. (3.990m)
  • Airfoil
    AG series blend
  • Weight
    49 oz (1.389kg)
  • Controls
  • $1209.95
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Call for availability

Eagle 4.0 RES

The Eagle 4.0 RES (Rudder, Elevator, Spoilers) is the newest addition to our RES competition lineup. Our friends in the Ukraine with our specific recommendations have put this superb model together for us, Many year of experience from them, and our team of top competition pilots have created the synergy called Eagle RES!

The 2.4 friendly fuse has plenty of room for the supplied ballast tube that holds 18oz of ballast for those windy days. The huge rudder make for great yaw control, and the generous elevator that is Vmounted create a very precise pitch control. The wing has 3 dihedral breaks for supreme circling ability.

Don't have a winch? Try Eagle 4.0 RESe!

Want flaps, not spoilers? Want ailerons, too? Eagle 4.0 is the one! CLICK HERE

There is even a "Full House" version Eagle 4.0e





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Eagle 4.0 RES
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