Satori 2 Pro F3J

Offers more lift compared to the older 3.6m Satori 1. It is optimized for F3J and F5J soaring, and it keeps the great all-round performance which makes the Satori brand so popular!

  • Wingspan
    149.8 in (3805mm)
  • Wing Area
    1187 in2 (76.6dm2)
  • Wing loading
    7.2 oz/ft2
  • Airfoil
    M 2681 Straak
  • Length
    66 in (1675mm)
  • Weight
    60 oz (1700g) approx.
  • Controls
  • $1799.95
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Satori 2 Pro F3J 

State-of-the-Art F3J Sailplane

This is the hottest Satori version with the fuselage made using NT-Technology (vacuum). Over the years, Satori has been one of the most successful F3J and F5J models. Pilots like it especially for its good penetration and gliding performance, but also because it is a very elegant and beautiful glider with outstanding aesthetic design. During the last year, the manufacturer has optimized the model and given it a more visibly attractive “facelift.” SoaringUSA offers you now -- the new Satori 2 Pro F3J.

Highlights of this version are the new wingtip with modified airfoil, and the new wingspan of 149.6 inches (3.80 meters). Also there is a new fuselage with bigger rudder fin and longer boom. While this F3J version has the glider nose, the F5J (electric) version has a  nose cut for 30mm spinners. 

The new Satori 2 Pro at 3.8m wingspan offers the pilot more lift in comparison to the older 3.6m Satori 1. It is optimized for F3J and F5J soaring, of course, but it still keeps the beloved all-round and dynamic performance which makes the Satori brand so popular!

The new V2 wingtip offers the possibility to create a 6-servo wing. If you should decide to configure the wing with 6 servos, you will find the landings (braking speed) totally amazing! That’s what you want to hit that tape at its center!

Also, construction of the 2 Pros has been optimized with carboline spreadtow and new color and paint system for even better surface and shine.

The weight of the Satori 2 F3J is around 58.2~68.8oz (1650~1950g)

Video by Tigerschwaenzchen - In light air & in good air

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Satori 2 Pro F3J
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