Simitri F3J

The sweetest handling sailplane ever! Multi-taper polyhedral wing circles effortlessly, launches well and will hang with the best of the best! Trilerons give it unmatched trimming options.

  • Wingspan
  • Wing Area
    1283 sq, in.
  • Wing loading
    6.85 oz sq. ft
  • Airfoil
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Controls
  • $1979.95
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Simitri F3J

The Simitri F3J is an addition from the maker of the Euphoria. He had honed his skills on the Euphoria, making it one of the best flying models and values out there!

Simitri is a step above the quality of many of the models we have seen. The fit, and finish are A-quality, and the execution of carbon line spread tow, and composite is top shelf.

The wing is carbon line fabric, with a new spar technology that is very strong, and very lite. The polyhedral wing circles excellent with the trilerons, launches well and will hang with the best of the best! The wing linkage has LDS installed, ready to install servos of your choice, we like the MKS 6110's and 6130s in the flaps.

The Rohacell CNC tails are flawless, and very light. They can be removed for transport, and with the 3pc wing this model is great for breaking down well. The fuse pod is kevlar 2.4 friendly too.

We also offer the Simitri in two F5J versions!

Simitri F5J

Simitri Light F5J

Amazing video of Simitri F3J working light lift at hand-launch height! By Planekrazy1 in 2017

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Simitri F3J
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