SoaringUSA offers a select choice of the finest high performance electric planes for F5B/F5F style sport flying and all out competition. You won't find such a large selection of these models in one place anywhere. We also have all of the accessories you'll need to fly like servos, motors, ESC's, batteries, spinners, and propellers. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right plane and equipment choices.

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EP-SS-AVI-B17 Avionik B17
  • $1599.95
EP-V-ENG-F5F-77 Enigma F5 SPORT Hotliner
  • $599.95
EP-V-ENGII-C-67 Enigma II Carbon
  • $549.95
EP-V-ESOE-120 ESO E Carbon Electric
  • $1300.00
EP-V-TWTR-E Mini Twister E Hotliner
  • $1099.95
EP-X-MBE-60 MiniBlade 1.5 E Hotliner
  • $329.95
EP-DS-OLT-58-G Ocelot-E Hotliner
  • $399.00
EP-NAN-ORI2-95 Orion 2
  • $749.95
EP-AY-PLA-51 Plasma II F5D Hotliner
  • $299.00
EP-H-SCP-X Scorpion F5J
  • $769.95
EP-B-SKYWKR-149 Skywalker E
  • $1799.95
EP-V-TXL-158 Thermik XL-E Sailplane
  • $899.00
EP-V-WSL-80 Weasel 2M Electric F5B Hotliner
  • $425.00
EP-B-ZS-71 Zoom 1.8M Sport F5B Hotliner
  • $485.00