SoaringUSA is offers a select choice of high performance electric planes for F5B/F5F style sport flying and all out competition.  Our selection includes some of the finest models available in the world!   Nowhere else will you find such a large selection of these type of models in one place!

In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!

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  • Designed for the F5B World Championships, and it shows! Sporting a larger wing and longer fuse, servos factory installed in the wings. Lots of carbon for strength!

    • $1599.95
  • Designed for the extreme flight dynamics of F5F competition, but for just having fun on your local slopes or flying field, this is your top choice!

    • $599.95
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  • This 1.7-meter model is designed as a competition F5F model. The wing is one piece, reinforced with carbon longeron, the fuselage is strengthened with kevlar. It is agile and versatile.

    • $549.95
  • A top-end airframe at an affordable price! Sweet lines, flawless finish, painted-in-mold smoothness, and excellent parts fit. This airframe is designed to go fast and last.

    • $1300.00
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  • The Hurricane F3B model has been electrified!  For this purpose, a new fuselage was created which allows it to accommodate a wide range of different drives.

    • $2699.95
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  • Mini Twister is 3-meter hotliner that would feel right at home making fast laps in an F5B event. Climbs like a bat outta you-know-where! If you like fast and responsive, this is the one for you!

    • $1099.95
  • An outstanding all-purpose warmliner/hotliner. Building off the success of the glider versions of the blade, this new 60-inch E-Blade holds with tradition for blistering high speeds, precision control, great energy retention, and lots of fun!

    • $329.95
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  • This hotliner is based on the original Ocelot with a few special tweaks for the E-version. With live hinges, control horns, "molded in" V-tail, and wipers all the way around, I don't know if you can get more bang for the buck than the Ocelot-E offers!

    • $399.00
  • The Orion 2 F5J is two meters of pure electric powered fun!. High performance e-soaring for the competition and sport flyer.

    • $749.95
  • Introduced to our lineup not very long ago, the Plasma is still cutting edge! Sleek looks, quality construction using glass, carbon, and Kevlar make this a very nice model. We are very impressed with the build quality from the Ukraine on this little rocket!

    • $299.00
  • Optimized for top-level competition F5B. All the servos and linkages are preinstalled. The profile used on the wing is very thin. The elevator servo is located as far back as possible in the tail boom.

    • $1599.00
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  • The Scorpion F5J can be built out at under 600gm (22oz), and with 91-inch wingspan, it will float and land like nothing else. The optimized airfoil allows it to run to the next thermal, or penetrate very well in the wind.

    • $769.95
  • A sleek, sexy-lookin' 3.8-meter wingspan, well designed and beautifully built electric sailplane! Great for aerobatics!

    • $1799.95
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  • The 4-meter Thermik XL-E is an all-molded fiberglass competition class sailplane designed for F5B/F. This plane is VERY large, remarkably stiff, with outstanding handling characteristics. At over 13 feet wingspan, the Thermik XL-E is probably the "best dollars per inch deal" in our whole inventory!

    • $899.00
  • Specifically designed for competition level F5B, the Weasel is a very fast, low drag, stiff and strong 2-meter model, with amazing handling. Accelerates well and turns great! All hollow molded with carbon reinforced one piece wing and Kevlar reinforced fuse!

    • $425.00
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  • The Zoom is a beautifully built hotliner from the same mfr. as the acclaimed Trinity and Banana sailplanes. Featuring a thinned MG06 airfoil with a very strong one piece 1.8M wing with carbon spar. The Zoom certainly lives up to it's name!

    • $485.00
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