Mini Perfect

A very nice, 2+ meter span F5J/Warmliner. Plenty of room for BIG Li-Pos and a 15-series Neu motor and gearbox. Flaps and ailerons, V-tail (ruddervators).

  • $1199.00

Mini Perfect

From Samba Models, the Mini Perfect uses Pike Perfect ET wingtips to make a very nice F5J/Warmliner. The redesigned fuse is roomy; plenty of room for BIG lipos and a 15 series Neu motor and gearbox. 

The sexy new fuselage with V-tail makes this little 2 meter is PERFECT for the guy who wants to keep a small motor glider handy for a quick fly on the way home from work.

The quality of Samba models is legendary in the molded models circles. "A" quality for sure. 

Maybe you have a Pike Perfect, or Pike Perfect ET, and would like a nice change? Well we can offer you the fuse and tails only! Give us a call!


MOTOR: Neu 1509/1.5D/S/6.7

ESC: Phoenix EDGE Lite 130

PROP: RFM 16x10 Folding Prop

BATTERY: Thunder Power 4S 2700 65C

Video by FortPetr

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Mini Perfect
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