Enigma F5 SPORT Hotliner

Designed for the extreme flight dynamics of F5F competition, but for just having fun on your local slopes or flying field, this is your top choice!

  • Wingspan
    71.2 in (1960 mm)
  • Wing Area
    488 sq.in. (31.5 sq.dm.)
  • Airfoil
    MH30HL, MH30HL2 (wing), NACA 006 (stab)
  • Length
    44.7 in (1135 mm)
  • Weight
    23 oz empty (650g)
  • Controls
  • Motor type
    Neu 1512/1.5D/6.7
  • Battery config
    5s Li-Po
  • Channels
  • $599.95
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Enigma F5 SPORT

The much anticipated T-tailed Enigma F5F is here! 

Enigma F5F is a full GRP competition model of category FAI/F5F (the 6-cell version of F5B) and can be flown in either event. The wing is made as one-piece, and is stiffened with a CFRP (carbon) spar. The fuselage is reinforced with Kevlar fabric to achieve maximum strength at lowest weight. The design, as a competition model, allows the Enigma F5F extreme flight dynamics, so whether you are competing in an FAI event, or just having fun on your local slopes or flying field, this is your top choice! The high degree of factory pre-production allows you to easily and quickly get this model in the air! Enigma F5F’s flight is agile and dynamic. You are going to have a blast with this hot 2-meter hotliner. Order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this glider.

Recommended speed control: Edge Lite 200

Recommended motor: Neu 1512/1.5D/6.7

Recommended battery: 5s Lipo

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Enigma F5 SPORT Hotliner
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