RC Multi 3 F5J Altimeter

RC Multi 3 F5J Altimeter

  • Weight
    0.21 oz (6 grams)
  • Dimensions
    0.24 x 0.47 x 1.38 in (6 x 12 x 35 mm)
  • Specification
    Altitude, vario, servo pulse, temperature, battery voltage
  • Voltage
    4.0 to 10.0 volts DC
  • Sustained Current
    Input current: 36 milliamps
  • $64.99
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RC Multi 3 F5J Altimeter
The RC Multi 3 module from RC Electronics was designed to provide a lightweight compact device with onboard OLED display for use in FAI approved F5J competitions. It can be also used in other applications where measuring and recording flight data over time is required. The RC Multi 3 module is able to record data from various inbuilt sensors for later review on PC. Competition parameters are displayed on its onboard OLED display. For communication with PC it uses a standard micro USB port. It uses state of art pressure sensor and 3MByte nonvolatile flash memory for data storage. 

Key features:

  • Lightweight at only 6 grams with JR cable
  • Small: 35 mm x 12 mm x 6 mm
  • Integrated F5J FAI altitude/time switch
  • Integrated OLED display
  • Records various flight data for later review
  • 21 hours of recording time with a 10Hz-sampling rate of all data
  • PC USB interface for configuration, loading firmware updates and downloading recorded data
  • Wide range of input power: 4 - 10 volts DC. Power it from your aircraft receiver battery

How it works:

The RC Multi 3 module uses a high-resolution barometric pressure sensor system to detect small changes in air pressure that occur due to changes in altitude. It is sensitive enough to detect altitude changes of less than 20cm. This also makes it sensitive to changes in local weather and air pressure variations.

The intended use of this device is for measuring short-term altitude changes in R/C aircraft. Long-term altitude readings will vary considerably due to varying atmospheric conditions. It is best used to measure relative changes in altitude.

Module has an onboard OLED display for displaying different data. For PC connection is uses micro UCB connector. For storing data, the RC Multi 3 module has a nonvolatile flash memory chip with 3MByte capacity. For precise review of data, the module saves data at a 10Hz saving rate.

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RC Multi 3 F5J Altimeter
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