Sky Sergio 2m F5J

How should a F5J/ALES first-timer on a budget get started? Well, here is a great answer: the Sky Sergio 2.  Easy to fly, affordable and it comes apart for compact and easy transport.

  • Wingspan
    86in (2.05m)
  • Wing Area (
  • Wing loading
  • Airfoil
    AG 25 mod.
  • Length
    47.24in (1.2mm)
  • Weight
    22 ounces (AUW) (11.6oz empty)
  • Controls
  • Motor type
    Neu 707/4.4 or 2627 outrunner
  • Battery config
    3S LiPo 600-800 mA
  • $329.95
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Sky Sergio 2.05m Electric for F5J or ALES

Have you ever said to yourself, "Gee those ALES (Altitude Limited Electric Soaring) contests look like so much fun, and such a variety of models fly in those contests ... how should a first-timer, on a budget, get started?" Well, here is a great answer: the Sky Sergio 2!  

We’ve met a lot of people that like the idea of flying in an ALES contest, but they don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on a plane, so they go with a Radian (a foam-molded model) or something like it that is affordable and ready to fly, but that gives away too much in the performance department. Again, the answer is the Sky Sergio 2. This model is a "full-house" plane, meaning it has thottle, rudder, elevator, ailerons, and flaps, which give it the upper hand in terms of performance, handling, and very importantly, landing.

The Sky Sergio is "almost ready to fly" (ARF). It has a high level of prefabrication from the factory, is easy to assemble, easy to install the electric and electronic components. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to follow. If you have experience, you should only have to go over them one time.

Sky Sergio comes apart for compact and easy transportation. Its fuselage is a pod-and-boom design for strength, simplicty, and cost reduction. All your needed accessories, like motor, motor battery, BEC speed control, receiver, arming switch, and servos, will fit inside with little fuss or fiddle.

Sky Sergio's flying surfaces are made of lightweight balsa: sticks, ribs and D-tube sheeting. It has a carbon-composite spar to assure you of a wing that will not fold under normal flight loads. All flying surfaces are finished in beautiful transparent heat-shrink film (Oracover) that looks great in the air and is easily distinguishable from other aircraft in a crowded sky. Control surfaces are factory pre-hinged. The total empty airframe weight is only 11.37-11.6 ounces.

Add the weight of motor, spinner, props, servos (134 grams), an ESC (28 grams), a 2S Li-Po (90-133 grams), receiver (7-9 grams), which total around 300 grams, plus airframe (322 grams) and you are looking at an all-up-weight (AUW) of about 600-622 grams or 22 ounces! Spread that weight over Sky Sergio's wing area and you have a model that can thermal with the best!

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Sky Sergio 2 can be flown with many 28mm outrunner brushless motors. We recommend the NeuMotors 707/2y/P16 gear motor (4.4) paired with a GM 14x7 folding prop and RFM 30/4 spinner. Call for assistance if you need it. We are here to help!

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