Graupner GR-18 9ch w/vario

Graupner GR-18 9ch w/Vario Telemetry Receiver HoTT

  • Weight
    Approx 0.49 oz (14 g)
  • Dimensions
    1.81 x 0.82 x 0.55 in (46 x 21 x 14 mm)
  • Features
    9 ch, 2.4GHz, Telemetry
  • Voltage
  • Sustained Current
    Current Consumption 70.0 mA
  • $179.00

Graupner GR-18 9ch with Vario Telemetry Receiver HoTT

With Graupner's HoTT 2.4 GHz technology, this receiver has a new Hopping Telemetry Transmission high-frequency unit with state-of-the-art components and software. For reception, a hardware-aerial diversity system allows the best signal quality. This ensures that the return channel data are sent via the better positioned aerial. Without add-on sensors, the parameters receiver voltage and temperature, as well as signal strength are transmitted.

Receiver Features

  • 3-axis gyro + 3-axis acceleration sensors + Vario:
  • Stabilization of the model aircraft in unfavorable wind conditions for up to 3 axes
  • Flight behavior by natural suppression gyro proportional
  • Stabilization very good figures for clean air
  • Thanks to the 3-axis gyro is possible to fly very smoothly also models for aerobatics difficult to manage and aerobatics becomes extremely easy
  • The figures of flight can be performed considerably more clean
  • Easy setting of the allocation of the gyro
  • Setting parameters using telemetry HoTT
  • Height sensor extremely sensitive for function Vario (10 cm / s) and measurement of the height
  • Extremely simple and fast, set in quickly and easily using the menu telemetry transmitter HoTT
  • Basic setting performed in minutes
  • Attribution axis fast and innovative, and flexible mounting direction
  • Footprint space is limited, so easy to store and less cables
  • Extremely light (GR-24 Pro 18g / 14g GR-18)
  • 3 axis sensors particularly insensitive to vibrations of the latest generation
  • Standard clear and if necessary expert menu selectable
  • Sensitivity of the parameters during the flight by means of adjustable controls for number of revolutions and style, also depending on the phase of flight
  • Super fast thanks to suppression of the transfer time from the receiver to the system Flybarless
  • Feeling very direct control
  • Effective stabilization of the software for airplane models with already integrated incl. Sensor Vario
  • Support telemetry of its sensors and sensor Hott Hott other suppliers
  • SUMD output for other receivers Flybarless.
  • Suitable for HV. Range of input voltage 3.6 ... 8.4 V
  • It can be programmed and used with all HoTT transmitters available so far with telemetry

Helicopter Specific:
  • Automatic recognition of the optimization of the pirouettes of swash plate and the direction of the torque compensation tail
  • All common swashplates helicopters 90/120/135/140 degrees
  • Swashplate rotation adjustable up to 90 degrees for rod more blades
  • Flybarless system for helicopter

  GR-18 Receiver with Vario


9 channels
2400~2483.5 MHz
2.4GHz  FHSS
Temperature Range
-15~+70˚C (-59 ~ 158˚F)
Operating Voltage
Current Consumption
2 ea, 145 mm (5.71 in)
46 x 21 x 14 mm
1.81x0.82x0.55 in
Weight Approx1
14 g / 0.49 oz


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