Hyperion DS09 AMD Metal Gear Digital Servo

Sub-Micro Digital, Programmable Servo

  • Weight
    8.4g / 0.29oz
  • Torque
    2.0/2.4 kgf/cm <br> 27.7/33.3 oz/in <br> (4.8v / 6.0v)
  • Size
    0.90 x 0.35 x 0.89 in
  • Speed
    0.18/0.15 sec/60 deg @ 4.8/6.0V
  • $32.95
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Call for availability

Our new Hyperion Atlas servos are fully programmable for speed, center, dead band, range and direction of travel, giving you the utmost flexibility in your installation. No expensive programming box is needed to access all these useful features - it is a simple cable you attach to your PC!

With over 27oz/in of torque, dual ball bearings, and such an impressive feature set, you simply can't go wrong with these servos!

Hyperion DS09 AMD Metal Gear Digital Servo
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